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I am an artist living in New Jersey, earning my Bachelor and Master of Arts Degrees from Kean University. I continued post graduate work at The School of Visual Arts in NYC also studying at the Gemological Institute of America (NYC -CA) and Silversmithing with Alan Place ,Master Silversmith from Austrailia and England, in NJ



I taught art at the elementary level, after 10 years I left to pursue a career in jewelry design. My jewelry was chosen by Vera Wang to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine. My designs were also photographed in Harper's Bazaar and Time Magazine with Calvin Klein's collection. After selling to some large department stores and numerous boutiques I left jewelry design and returned to painting. After painting Still Life and Nudes my interest in portraiture blossomed. After an overwhelming request to paint man's best friend I started painting dog portraits. 


My Artwork

Just recently I returned to my roots of abstract non objective painting. Bold colors playing against one another creates my subject matter. I look at this subject matter as a collection of negative and positive shapes which creates the picture and the use of color adds the depth to the painting.   

As a portrait painter, I pursue the unconventional approach. My interpretation of the subject focuses on the expressive nature of the face, the emotions and the message in the eyes. Often disregarding perspective, my hard edge realism is modern and colorful, fresh and bold.



All Abstract Non-Objective paintings are acrylic on canvas

26" X 34"  original painting 2200.00

22" X 28"  original painting 1800.00

14" X 18"   original painting 495.00

Signed prints available

11" X 14" paper size - 9" X 12" image  45.00

16" X 20" paper size - 14" X 18" image  96.00

Murals available -inquire about size and pricing.

Plus shipping and handling

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Lucia DeChino

(973) 477-4355